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Belle and Sebastian – “Like Dylan in the Movies” | July 25, 2010

With last week’s heat wave finally past us, the Los Angeles area is feeling rejuvenated and ready to attack to the last week of July. Getting out of the house and going to Los Angeles’ various destinations seems almost a necessity, whether you go lay out on the beaches or hit up sushi at Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade, or go crate-digging for musical gems at Amoeba. Whatever your final destinations may be, the summer is at our fingertips and the weather is gorgeous. 

The sunny 60s-style pop of Belle and Sebastian seems particularly well suited to soundtracking these excursions, and I’ve found myself returning to the band’s rich output in recent days, especially their seminal 1996 sophomore album If You’re Feeling Sinister. That album’s centerpiece and one of the highlights is the incessantly catchy “Like Dylan in the Movies.” A simple, bouncy bass-line anchors the track, backed by the elegant orchestration of piano and bright guitar, which both end the song with simple, joyous instrumental solos that highlight the textural colors both provide to such a simple song. The chorus is awash in strings that provide perfect harmonies, filling out the chords with extra flavor, complimenting Stuart Murdoch’s restrained folk-singer warble. It’s the soundtrack to a fun summer day in the city with your closest friends…why aren’t you out with them listening to this right now? Go.

Listen: Belle and Sebastian – “Like Dylan in the Movies”


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