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Ringo Starr – “Liverpool 8” | July 7, 2010

Today, Ringo Starr turns 70 years old. The oldest member of The Beatles and one of the last two surviving members of the band, Ringo Starr has always been the most misunderstood of those four boys from Liverpool that changed the world. As a lacking songwriter whose only two songwriting credits with The Beatles were the forgotten White Album gem “Don’t Pass Me By” and classic Abbey Road lullabye “Octopus’ Garden,” Ringo’s most lasting accomplishments as a Beatle are his off-kilter and non-traditional drumming skills, and an everlasting, humorous personality. It couldn’t have been easy for a jokester and showman like Richard Starkey to live in the shadow of John, Paul, and George. Still, Ringo shined in his own ways.

Perhaps one of the most charming and heart-warming sentiments of Ringo’s whole career came from his wildly overlooked solo-material. In 2008, Ringo wrote a personal homage to his good friends and former band-members titled “Liverpool 8.” With swelling strings, bright guitar, and Ringo’s charm, “Liverpool 8” features an addicting simple chorus that hards not to love. Ringo may not be the most popular Beatle, but he deserves recognition. 

Happy Birthday, Ringo.

Listen: Ringo Starr – “Liverpool 8”


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